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Why Shriji Dev Bhoomi Vrindavan Is The Perfect Choice?

Sutaible For Agents and Agencies

Never miss a sale! it's never been easier to turn leads into real customers

Design Custom Leads Capture Forms

Keep track of your leads without having to pay for an external CRM

Highly Customizable Theme

Customize your website according to your expectations and requirements

Inquiry Form

Design Custom Leads Capture Forms that integrated with the Dev Bhomi Vrindavan

Our Testimonials

Shriji Dev Bhoomi Vrindavan

Real Estate Agents are professionals who help home buyers find and buy a new home or commercial space. They help them buy and sell homes and guide clients through negotiation processes to get top dollar for their property when selling. They also make sure that it is adequately marketed so potential buyers can find them!
by Vinod Kumar
Supervisor, Shri Dev Bhoomi Vrindavan
A1 Real Estate Solutions is a culmination of Dundas Real Estate, established in 1995 and Coastal Real Estate, established in 1998. Michael and Sonja Goldby first purchased Dundas Real Estate in July 2010 and, after a short period, went on to purchase Coastal Real Estate in October 2011, merging the two agencies into one dynamic organisation, then known as Dundas Coastal Real Estate.
by Rohit Kumar
CEO & Founder, Shri Dev Bhoomi Vrindavan
We get it. It’s not easy to write about yourself. If you’re a new real estate agent, you might think you don’t have enough material to craft a compelling bio. If you’re an experienced agent, you likely have so much, it can seem impossible to know what to keep in versus what to leave out.
by Neha Chauhan
Deller, Shriji Dev Bhoomi Vrindavan

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